Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Vintage wood, metal and wire collage

LOVE collaging bits and pieces of salvaged wood and metal
 and adding my own wire touches to some

wall mount jewelry organizer
large garden art flowers

wall plant/flower holder

magnet board/organizer
hanging light
wire nest with pearl edge
wire vine and vintage Kodak developer frame photo holder

wall shadowbox
tabletop jewelry tree

industrial aluminum wall plant/flower holder
note/photo holder

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Sunday, June 2, 2013


If you find yourself cruising the north Georgia backroads...AND if you are heavy into junk-spotting... not miss this FUNKIEST of all funky places:  OLD CAR CITY USA
Located a few minutes south of White, Ga on 411...
...this place has '4500 vintage cars spread over 34 acres'.
You just wander around the maze of overgrown paths (you'll probably get lost but no worries--you'll eventually find your way out) viewing the rusty, reposing residents of this unique junkyard 'museum'.
It's an amazingly surreal scene as the vegetation seems to envelop and nurture these forgotten beauties of times past.
Every turn provides the perfect photo op.
You'll quickly become rust-drunk...but press just gets better and better.
This one has to be my favorite....the face-like grimace is priceless.
Patina, patina, patina.....
.....and more PATINA!
You can tell how long these cars have been here by how the trees have grown THROUGH them....some are completely surrounded by trees.
Vintage car parts abound, but none are for sale...darn it!
Photographers come from all over the world to snap the perfect old car photos. 
The folk-artsy signs provide bits of wisdom and humor along the way.
'Jungle' is right...bring your bug spray!
Aside from the fun of seeing the cool old cars, taking a leisurely nature walk, and getting great photos....I especially enjoyed thinking about how someone got creative (and downright brave) enough to start charging people 15 bucks a head just to wander around their junkyard!!
 (I can just imagine this guy sitting around with a few buddies drinkin' beer, and him saying: "I'm gonna charge people to walk through my junkyard." I bet he got big laughs....but he must be laughing all the way to the bank now, since the place was filled with us crazies who paid that.....AND ENJOYED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!