Sunday, October 11, 2009

Shark's in the water and Mom's on the beach!

Looks like a shark, but these are really dolphins!!

I got a chance to go down and see my Mom in Sarasota after the Crabapple show, and while I was taking my early morning run down the beach, I was thrilled to see the dolphins playing very close to shore!!
I've never seen them so close and shallow! By the time I got back and into the water they were farther out, but it reminded me of the times when we would swim in the cove off the marina in the evening when the dolphins were there. (We were always told that there would not be sharks around if there were dolphins).

This is amazingly just a dozen yards off the beach. I will never get tired of seeing the dolphins, and always look for them when I am there. (I REALLY want to be a mermaid when I grow up and hang out with these guys all day!!)

I love these pictures of my Mom on the beach------she certainly appears to be the center of attention....and her hat is so cool!! (miss you already Ma)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Crabapple show.......

It was great to run into Mark again--he does the most unique, high-quality, and functional repurposing treatment to old trunks (they tilt to open for storage!), and is really making a name for himself in the art world! Before he heads off to Baltimore for the ACC Wholesale market, you can catch him locally at the Chastain show next weekend in Atlanta---then he's booked for prestigious shows out West like Beaver Creek, Vail, Telluride, and Crested Butte. Check out his website (