Friday, April 30, 2010

Thinkin' about my Dad........

Today is Dad's birthday...he has been gone a long time...he would have been 84. Dad was all about cars and engines...he had his own gas station and repair business, and was the best mechanic around. He worked really hard, and I am so proud of him. He made sure we had childhood was filled with boats, fishing, water skiing, golf, tennis, horses, dirt bikes, go-carts, and vacations to the mountains. He always had the coolest cars, and he helped me get that sweet '67 Mustang classic convertible...candy apple red.
Miss you Dad.....

....and on the way to the mill......

......we passed this wonderful old homestead (no signs of occupancy), and in the large pasture adjacent to it was a herd of reindeer! (in the south? whatever) But I love dereliction photography, so I had to get some pics of this place. I think this would be a great renovation project.....the surrounding area is beautiful farmland and pretty old houses-very rural.

Great stone wall and posts in the front--added later, I think.

Awesome corbels and windows......

The little reindeer seem to be burdened under the weight of their antlers as we watched them walking.....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More Road Trip......Falls Mill

If you ever find yourself wandering west of Chattanooga on state road 64, give yourself a treat and visit this beautiful place. I want to live here!! The mill and surrounding area is so peaceful and scenic. (While there, be sure to take a minute to view the information they provide on the workings and history) For more info check out FallsMill.
(oh, and don't miss the swiss bakery near here--you'll pass it on 64!)

They had the huge water wheel turning while we were there, and it was cool to see all the wheels and belts turning overhead to power the big stone grinding the cornmeal and grits--it was really loud.

View from above the water wheel....

Even the slough is pretty....

Pretty window boxes and ivy on the front of the mill....

If I lived here I would play in the waterfall and stream all day long!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Road Trip continued........Nashville Flea Market

This place has become my favorite destination on the 4th weekend of the month. Word is that the fairgrounds where this is held has been sold for a convention center and the shows will end by late this year. That is so sad, because it's a real old fashioned flea market, with a great antiques section, as well as anything else you could want (a dozen Titelist golf balls are 2.00).

Shoulda bought that mannequin and the door holding her up, but the truck was already loaded!

(Just in case you live in a cave and missed this---you can click on the pictures to enlarge them)

I could have filled 10 trucks this month since there were more dealers set up for the April show. The booths are spread out over a large area, and you really need comfy shoes and a cart--some prices are high and some low....but it is always interesting, especially if you like architectural.

Above is the booth of Cindykay...nostalgia*gal...and below is her partner Charlie's booth.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Road Trip to Kentucky and Tennessee.....Blue Moon

First stop on our 3 day trip was to get some architectural pieces from Andrew Garcia, owner of Blue Moon Antique Market in Franklin, KY.

He has a great selection of doors, windows, shutters, hardware, moldings, columns etc., at really affordable prices--well worth the trip! He also has unique stuff like these fabulous 9' window/green shutter frames, cathedral windows, and other totally cool architectural treasures-also very affordable.

Franklin is only a short drive north of Nashville, and I wish I had brought a trailer, so I could bring home more stuff! (I am finding that as much as I love my truck, it was easier to load a van, and I swear I can get more stuff in a van, with a lot less trouble)

Be sure to give Andrew a call if you are in that area--he is very nice and will give you good deals!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Salvage collage

I managed to get a few last minute projects done......spring fever sure does slow you down! I just want to plant flowers and ride the bike trails when I should be working!

I put together some corbels, iron brackets/wood pieces and glass knobs to make collage shelves, and made some wall teapot vases (glass inserts) from vintage cupboard panels and decorative iron pieces. The tall sign is a sidelight window painted with chalkboard paint. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A few more finds.......

I found a bit of good pickin' close to home over the weekend......I love this green beadboard column! It's so hard to part with some things, but I am really good at not keeping stuff, or I would have buildings full like the folks Mike and Frank pick from on the show!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Some pickin' pics.......

When I went to TN I didn't have my truck, and after loading up all the stuff I needed for a weekend trip (pillows, cooler, enough clothes for a month, kitchen sink) I discovered I didn't have much room left for my pickin's!!
I'll be going back up in a few weeks for the big stuff, but this pile is some of what I could fit in the car.

These days I have to have stricter criteria for a potential purchase......can I buy low enough to resell at a profit? does it have "the look"? is it in fairly good condition? is it something I know my buyers would want? is it something I would put in my own home? does it have function? can it be used as a component in a collage or construction project?

Needing to buy low is what eliminated the majority of stuff I had to pass up.....I could have bought so much more, but I know my market, and just can't pay too much for anything!

I love this old wavy wire basket I found at a flea market, and this photo of the girl with the white kittens.