Monday, July 22, 2013

Backroads wandering....8000 miles away

Take a break from the hot, rainy summer doldrums with a little cyber wander in a land far away.
My son now works in China and has sent these photos of some of his wanderings.

The pictures have downloaded randomely (and are tricky to rearrange) so I won't try to sort them out by location....

......they are from the following areas surrounding (and including) Shanghai:
 Wuxi; Nanjing; Souzhou; Hangzhou; Moganshan

The architecture and gardens are as beautiful as I had imagined...

...and the cities are kept very clean.

Moganshan is a mountaintop retreat that looks quite European.

Salvage! Yay!  Knowing my love of salvage he took this pic for me (Moganshan).
My son teaches at a university in Wuxi, northwest of Shangahi. He's mastering the language quite quickly and loves the fresh markets, fabulous food, and convenient travel via the trains. I can't wait to see where else he wanders to!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Chicken Wire Dress

when working with chicken wire, you never really know how a project will turn out
it's a tricky medium to wrestle into submission

with a client request in mind, this is what ultimately emerged--not exactly what I had originally visualised, but that's what keeps it interesting