Thursday, November 29, 2012


While my son was away for a long weekend I did a little chicken-sittin' (aka sittin' and watchin' the chickens).  Introducing (in random order, since I don't remember which is which) Pebbles; Minnie; Bessie; Dixie; Daisy; Daisy Mae; and of course, Foghorn Leghorn (a bit gender-confused since all of these are girl chickens...uh....hens)
They have the coolest abode ever
Quite the ritzy place
It's hypnotizing to watch calming and zen
They even have a rose garden
AND....I just received a text saying that the very FIRST egg was delivered by....DAISY! (one of the white hens)
I don't know much about chickens, but still dream of having a few some day.....along with honey bees, goats, a large cottage garden, vistas of farmland with no houses in sight, and of course, a cool old barn with some hard-working barn cats!

Friday, November 23, 2012

A few projects and a big 'Thanks'

It's easy to adapt a light kit to a large mason jar lid for an instant hanging globe, but take it a step further by adding something fun to the jar for interest (heat resistant preferably--glass, metal or china) like this snow baby (I 'm still  trying to figure out the non-flammable snow for the bottom)
New jewelry hanger made of wire vines in vintage lamp base also works well as a display stand for Christmas or seasonal ornament collection
Vintage slide frames with glass covers let you easily insert photos, quotes, monograms or ?? and embellish with little bits of vintage treasure to use as necklaces or in scrapbook or collage projects
Tin flowers are still blooming around here--even in winter!
My camera is randomely malfunctioning, but this is a rough idea of how the booth looked at the show last weekend.
It was great to finally meet fellow blogger Alexa Lett, visit with Kim Hanauer from Tennessee, and meet lots of other new dealers as well as catch up with those I haven't seen in ages! (I especially enjoyed being set up right next to the pub and the talented blues guitarist who rocked our show!!)
THANK YOU so much to all who came out and stopped by the booth!!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Be sure to stop by SASSYTRASH at the REVIVAL OF VINTAGE this coming Saturday and Sunday where we will be showcasing this fabulous new Tailgate Bench!! (and LOTS of other recycled groovies)