Monday, August 26, 2013

Shark Week creativity

Note to self:  next time avoid taking a beach vaca during Shark Week.

It's impossible to get all those shark-y images out of your mind while paddling around in the water.

I was just thinking about diving in---when I came across this spectacle in the sand!  Yikes!

 This was one of the more creative sand sculptures I have come across while doing my beach miles--outside of a sandcastle competition! It was about 15 feet long.

Having once had a close encounter with a hammerhead swimming past me in chest high water, I found myself keeping a keen eye out for approaching fins---something I don't usually worry about since that memory had faded in time--until now!

The sunsets in Sarasota were beautiful, as always!

 Just can't get enough of them!

**Although I don't particularly ever want to become shark always seems to be open season on sharks and I cringe when I see the photos of shark killings. These creatures are critical to the delicate balance of the ocean and without them all sea life would perish. That being said, while I was in Sarasota there was a report of an aerial sighting of a school of about 10,000 sharks (forgot what kind) migrating north just off the coast!