Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Booth Evolution

25 x 10 feet is a big space - I feel like a contestant in a design challenge
 wondering how to make this stuff work together
getting the old swing to hang from the post/tree branch arbor took  for-ev-er
 focal point in the back of the booth
I painted this large wall pale gray - perfect for my wallflower lights
such a cool sink
one of my lamp base wire flower ephemera holders

 new wall hatstand
the brass stencil letter lampshade made a good focal point in the front
by far the hardest part was climbing a shaky ladder to hang chains from the 12' ceiling to hold my rusty chandelier collection

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Best little pickin' place in Metro Atlanta

Located between Gainesville and Buford, and easily accessible from I-985, is the charming little town of Flowery Branch, home to a great antiques market (and auction) of which dealers generally keep mum about (myself formerly among them) since the awesome merchandise and deals found here are just too good to share!

This unique antiques market (details here) is held the first full weekend monthly (July 6, 7, 8 this month), has approx 100 dealer spaces, and offers something for everyone -- from $1.00 items -- to cool pieces that trendy designers drool over (and drive far to acquire). Operating about 30 years, with the last 13 years in the current building, it has always been one of my very favorite pickin' spots

 Here's just a few pics of a few of the many quality dealers at FB:

The extremely talented Tim Cash draws the big designers and dealers with his totally unique offerings
Keren Jackson has a keen designer's eye and decorator's talent....and I want to take home everything in her booth

I always find something I can't live without in multi-talented Mary Cyphers booth (Blogger randomly  deleted the other photos of her cool stuff, darn it) 

Lovely and talented Shirley Wilson is located just inside the main door, and always has the most remarkable variety of merchandise that she effortlessly blends together to make a spectacular booth every time!

Ok here's the dish on amazing Dena Johnson.....she literally has every single piece of vintage hardware imaginable in her booth! And tonage of unique architectural artifacts and (my personal favorite) cool rusty stuff

Lourdes Green occupies the first booth inside the main door to the left, and has an amazing eye for those architectural and industrial treasures we all crave
Don't miss Debra Satterly's wonderful array of creations....she makes everything from cool license plate flowers and signs, to trendy purses and unique burlap wall art using vintage items in a clever new way.
Jimmy Vo has outside and inside booths filled with those hard-to-find project supplies like vintage bead board and barn wood -- just to name a few -- at very reasonable prices. And Jim totally understands our lust for rust, as proved here with this awesome iron patio table

(**Be sure not to miss dealers Debbie Tanner-vintage jewelry, and Lowell-antique lighting and furniture --not pictured here)

There is even a yummy BBQ cafe on site (and across the street) to provide a lunch break.
(and there are several other antique shops next door and across the street)

Owner Tom Schulte runs both the antiques market and weekly auction, and just happens to be one of the nicest guys around!!

It's so refreshing to still be able to find unique and affordable merchandise, and this is the place for it!
 I've always wanted to post about this cool place, but dealer friends would say "don't do it!" 
 So, at the risk of having my 'dealer card' revoked, I just have to share!