Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Sun Swim Snorkel"

I'm off on an adventure, and I've headed straight for the water as always! It's such a relief to have sea air in my lungs and sand between my toes again, even if the sun has been elusive.

First stop was a visit with my Mom in Sarasota, and I've headed south from there....something I never do. This will be interesting!

I love how the beach is always Sarasota the water was very wavy and had rip currents, but was still beautiful. It rained every day, which is pretty unusual.

The rain followed me down to Marco Island.....but we got in a long swim before it started the deluge.......I was hoping for some nice snorkeling weather in the Keys, but with several hurricanes passing by, it's not looking too good.

I love the beach in the rain!! (But PLEASE can it NOT rain for the catamaran trip tomorrow???)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hall tree........

I finally finished this hall tree, and I'll take it to the shop looks so simple, but it took a few days to get it done 'cuz there's so much trial and error in figuring out what should go where! One of my favorite projects is making these from old wood doors. (The basket at the bottom just hangs on the brackets, and is optional)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Showcase project.......

We needed a little showcase for smalls at the shows and shop, so using this vintage cupboard door and some wood, I was able to make one.

I think I will make the next one a little steeper to hold taller things, but this will work for jewelry, and smaller's about 6" high in the back.

I really wanted to leave the door pretty much as is (it has the original wavy glass), so I just cleaned it up and tried to paint the box a neutral brown. I lined the inside with some vintage wallpaper.

I have tons of old hardware, but of course I couldn't find any cool butterfly hinges (for decoration only--I have the functional ones on the back), or just the right handle I liked, so this will have to do until I find those. is the booth banner with the vintage letters on it (we decided on these rather than make collage tags).