Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thrift store stand-out

This 100 year old beauty is currently docked at the Habitat Re-Store in Athens. Quite a surprise to come across -- she hails from the south Georgia coast, and has a killer aqua patina that the photos don't do justice. Maybe not so seaworthy anymore, but deserving of a place in someone's mansion, store, or restaurant -- she's much larger than it looks here. (with glass across the top, this would make a fabulous dining room table base....or hang with large ropes from overhead beams for an amazingly cool bed -- perfect for floating away into dreamland)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Current pickin' musings

As a dealer, long gone are the days of buying what might sell. Now, purchases have to meet a stricter criteria (mostly to do with price, condition, functionality and overall appeal) to even get considered, which eliminates most of the stuff I view in my travels (people still have the idea that their very average stuff is worth a fortune -- around here, anyway).

This meager group is an example of one day of hard ( but fun) work pickin' some thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets and antiques stores (a really long day). Is this the coolest stuff I saw? No. (except for the little case of plastic containers with chains) Is this the only stuff priced reasonable enough to make a profit on? Yup. (Since I  mainly sell on-line nowadays, I don't buy furniture or large items anymore)

One amazing observation was seeing several identical vintage items in both thrift stores and antique stores, and the thrift store prices were DOUBLE the prices of the same item in the antique stores! Really?
 I almost always pick antique stores more efficiently (picks per time invested) than thrifts, fleas and yard sales! (Of course you can't beat these for kids toys, household goods etc, and I love my Habitat Re-Sale shop for hardware!)
Anyway, pickin' times are tough, and the thrift stores have caught on and seem to be taking full advantage of it! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

A little wander

finally squeezed in a long-overdue Georgia backroads wander -- it's been too long (thanks to exorbitant gas prices my trips have been greatly curtailed)
today's wander eventually led to downtown Conyers, a place i have never visited before
and the adorable little antique shop "Sadie's Antiques and Uniques"
which is filled with exceptionally cool vignettes
and also filled with true 'uniques' like this upcycled gas pump nozzle lamp
and....this "alien life form detector"!!   (really?)
the biggest surprise was stepping into this pretty booth and seeing one of my own creations!!  i made (and sold) this chicken wire dress form several years ago
of course it can't be a backroads wander without a little southern architectural dereliction (complete with chipmunk on the front step)

 this faded beauty sits quite near town
in all her shrouded elegance
favorite pick of the day? this wonderful old fiberglass speedboat! love it!

Friday, August 10, 2012