Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Few Projects & Pickins

Painting stuff with blackboard paint is rather addicting!

So is playing with old hardware and wood! This new wall photo holder/shelf piece evolved from trying to use up some of my hoarded junk that is badly in need of reduction.

The vintage coin purse necklaces are pretty simple and I'm no jewelry maker, so I hope they will be bought by gals with a vision for adding cool stuff to make them wonderful.

Here's just a few of my fresh pickins (not much time for that these days).....I am MAD about this bird cage....

.......and the iron fence parts!!

~I hate being MIA in blogland! I miss you all, and the fact that I don't get to comment on all of your amazingly interesting and fabulously creative blogs drives me nuts! (I still haven't got my computer fixed yet....or is it just Blogspot that is so messed up?.... so I can't always see your pics!)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Scott Antique Market

I only get to Scott Antique Market (2nd weekend monthly in Atlanta) a few times a year, but it is a great place to keep track of the latest trends. The dealers in the large tent in front of the North building are always very interesting.....
....there is lots of burlap covered stuff, architectural, industrial, and weathered wood.
(I actually have no idea what these are....driftwood?)

I was surprised to see hundreds of different metal junk lights, so I made a mental note to use up what I have and move on from THAT idea!!

More junk lamps-these kinda look imported to me, but I LOVE the tables!! Wish I got better pictures of those.
Inside the North building is some very high-end stuff, but always interesting.

(There are "3300 booths?" spread out on two properties called the North and South buildings because they straddle I-285. It's a pain to have to travel from one to the other, but there is a bus, too)

I actually ran through both buildings and the outside dealers in under 2 hours, which is why these pics are not so great.

Outside of the South building is a great place to get those hard to find hardware and architectural pieces....anything rusty, crusty and garden-y that you are looking for is probably out in this area-- it takes hours to sift through it all, but it was so hot I wasn't even tempted!
I did want one of these cool metal baskets but forgot to go back and get one before I left--did I mention how HOT it was?
I ended up only buying one lampshade and one lamp, but it really sparked some much-needed creativity to see what was trending at this show!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Wall Vase Collages

Working with wood and my stash of rusty stuff is a nice break from wire!

Piecing it together is like doing a mend bender puzzle....

...which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't....

...but it's always nice when you get something completed that meets the criteria: funky yet functional!