Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Splendid Salvage

Barbed wire --so cool, but so cruel to work with!

Add a lamp base for a totally unique light

Never met a rusty patina I didn't love

Truck salvage as art vases
And wall vases
Shoulda gotten more of these metal letters and numbers

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fun find

Recently found this unusual welded piece.
Aside from the obvious use in adding round glass for the tabletop, the possibilities are abundant--especially if you are surrounded by lots of salvage junk to pick from (as I always seem to be, despite all my efforts to destash).
A glass top provides the most tabletop space but I love how this looks with the rusty gear in the center, while still adding some function (as long as the items placed on top aren't too small!).

I like this mixture of metals, textures and tones (large Pottery Barn charger in middle with my chicken wire spheres on top) in this arrangement, which transforms it from a table to a sculpture!