Sunday, January 30, 2011

a backroads wander.....finally!

It seems like months since I managed some backroads therapy......and with temps hitting almost 70 and the sun shining bright (and the need for fresh merchandise) there was no way to resist, so I headed southwest through Georgia and down to Montgomery.

(Pictured above is the beautiful Meriwether County Courthouse tower in Greenville, GA)

We did some good pickin' around Montgomery and headed north on Hgwy. 231 and found this cool place.

The owner, Mr. Jones, was really nice and let me take pictures--it was much bigger inside than you could imagine, and totally filled with endless treasures--- which were so well organized (unfortunately almost always an indicator of higher prices).

Mr. Jones told us he lost about a third of his inventory in a tornado a few years back and hasn't bought anything since, which makes it hard to imagine what he USED to have!

He has EVERYTHING....and lots of it!!

I think the movie set production people should check this place out!

I REALLY wanted this clock.......

In Tallassee, we took a detour just before crossing the Tallapoosa River and Thurlow Dam to see this interesting abandoned building--I'm not sure what it once was, but I'm guessing a mill of some sort by the riverfront location.

I would SO have to play here if I were a kid in this neighborhood!

I forgot to get a shot of the river, but it was really pretty and wide, with old abandoned mills and bridges along it---makes you wonder what was once made here, and where we get those goods now?

A little more roadside dereliction on the way to Auburn......
It was a quick trip, but we got lots of great pickins (mostly smalls) at great prices in the malls and little places along the way---although I'm agonizing over what we had to leave behind because of space limitations (mostly bigs)!! (hmm....wonder if I could just run back over there today with my truck and be home by night?)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Primitive jewelry tree

Take one chippy old door panel......add a twisty wire tree......and you have a funky and functional jewelry holder for hanging on the wall.

I added a wire vine to wind around it for more interest, which provides little places to hang rings and bracelets.

With the addition of a wire vine hanger at the top--it's ready to hang and display all my jewels---of which I have very few. This is probably the sum total of my collection (except for the boxes of vintage bits and pieces I have collected over the years to "do something with someday")

**I will probably list it on my Etsy---that is if I can force myself spend another hour in front of this computer today! The ice is melting, and if I stick to the main roads, I think I can safely venture out today! I am SO ready after a week of cabin fever!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wire flower and vintage corbel

This project was fun--no real plan--just a general idea of size, and I bent and twisted the wire until something emerged that sorta resembled a flower!

The goal was to find a different way to utilize this cool chunky corbel I found the other day. Of course, the end result has to be functional, so I doubled the wire so it could hold photos, and you can also hang all sorts of stuff from the wire.

(Hmm, a jewelry hanger would also be a cool use--maybe with a wire tree?? I bought 4 matching of these corbels, so I have 3 left to play with!)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Silhouette hat stands

I just can't seem to stop playing with wire! The more I work with it the more ideas I come up with. My manicure is ruined, so I might as well keep going......

(these are now available on my Etsy)