Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sassytrash on Etsy

WHEW! Getting my ETSY shop set up and first items listed took a lot longer than planned, and was quite a learning experience!

I decided to sell on-line after getting requests to purchase some of my creations, which have always done well for me at the shows, and I decided ETSY might be the best way to do that. So, after finally getting the holidays behind me it's full speed ahead......this is gonna be interesting!

But what work! Photos have to be re-sized, descriptions carefully thought over (trying to describe what I make, and find appropriate tags is a challenging task!), shipping charges figured out, and every detail disclosed--it still takes me about an hour to list one item!

Any tips from you pros out there in the bloggerhood would be ever so appreciated!

(I had to alter my name to SASSYTRASH ANTIQUES AND DESIGNS since awhile back--after I had been blogging about a year--someone used my name to set up shop on ETSY. Hopefully this was a coincidence, and makes me wonder if it would be smart to incorporate my name or something? would it ever matter? I'm clueless in that area)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

So Beautiful

This palm tree-hugging Florida girl~who has been known to complain just a wee bit about the cold and lack of sunshine around this time of year~was stopped dead in her tracks by the amazingly beautiful world of white the morning light revealed!

After such a blessed holiday, filled with wonderful times spent with family and friends, it was so very much like the icing on a magnificent cake.....the Birthday cake of our Savior to be exact....and rumor has it that this is the first time it has happened around here in over 100 years!

As I walked the paths of this scenic 900 acre park (where I do most of my cardio miles) I was amazed at how different everything looked in all that fluffy white splendor!

So beautiful.....it took my breath away!
(Umm.....that might also be the result of extra calories consumed and significant lack of exercise over the last few weeks!)

Monday, December 13, 2010

More wire vines

I formed this vine to support an old frameless chippy mirror....

.....and it doubles as a jewelry/photo/stuff holder.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

New wire project

I took a little break from making wire photo holders (for my- "hopefully up in a few days" -ETSY site), and made bunches of vines instead. I had a large vintage frame, so I ran some vertical and horizontal wire to suggest a window....

......and attached the vines in various places for stability. I visualized it as a display for photos or jewelry or...?

(I think it would be cool as a family tree display...using similar little photo frames, but I only had larger ones, so I just used some other stuff I had on hand for these pics)

It is quite large--about 38x32--and when we ever get a warm day, I'm going to get outside and distress it for a funkier look!