Saturday, December 31, 2011

I swear I don't work for Florida Tourism..... just seems like it!
I'm having a great time re-exploring the backroads of the 'Sunshine State' (where I grew up and spent most of my life) to break up the long drives down to visit family.....

.....and re-discovering all this state has to offer along the way!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder (when you live in Florida, all you think about is getting to the mountains!) and I truly miss these scenes....especially off-season (Sept to Dec) when you just about have it all to yourself!
Now that winter has set in most everywhere else (although it has been mild so far, thankfully) this tropical paradise is especially inviting!!

Sanibel beaches were overflowing with beautiful shells, starfish and sand dollars.....

.....and the oranges were ripe and juicy in my Mom's backyard.

The Spanish moss was blowing in the breeze at serene Myakka State Park .....
.....where prehistoric amphibians keep a watchful eye over marshes and rivers.
And the sunsets.......I especially love the sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico! This view was from the stern of the boat while drifting along the northern tip of Captiva Island.

Pickin's are so slim these days (I don't know if I am being more selective, or there is just not much affordable treasure left out there) but playing tourist makes a fun second choice!


" SHABBY JUNK" said...

I live in Texas but go to Destin every summer for a week, It's my "happy place"! LOVE IT!!! Thanks for the pictures. Judy

Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

Thanks for reminding me how beautiful Florida is. I tend to just get caught up in how HOT it is and forget about the beauty. I haven't even been to the ocean in a couple of years....I think at least a day trip is long past due!
Blessings for 2012,

A Wild Thing said...

Pure torture you know, especially in Myakka, I love that place!!! Did you go shopping in Arcadia, if you do and go to Cherry Hill Antiques, say hello to my friend Mark, from the crazy lady in Iowa...ha!

Can't wait to go too, but in the springtime after the snow birds leave...ahhhh, peace and quiet!

Till then, I hope you have a prosperous new's gonna get better!!!


Unknown said...

You must be close to where I live, Sarasota. Welcome home - hope you're enjoying the weather : )

~ Deanna

Happy Belated Holidays

Sea Witch said...

There is never enough Florida in my life...that is another reason why I love your photos. Wishing you the best 2012 ever. Sea Witch

Tresa said...

I want to go to Florida right this very minute and pick an orange from your mom's tree. :) Very pretty pictures. Just what I needed today. Thanks!

Dawn Williams said...

Love the picture of the starfish...thank you for sharing. I live in Florida too and I forget how beautiful our scenery and surroundings just reminded me! Thank you!