Monday, November 21, 2011

Backroads wandering.......Pebble Hill Plantation

Some of my favorite scenic backroads are in south Georgia - and Highway 319 from Thomasville to Tallahassee is where you find many of the largest plantations in the area (I believe Ted Turner has a little place around here).
Pebble Hill Plantation was owned by naturalist and humanitarian Elisabeth "Pansy" Poe, who, upon her death, specified that her home (on 3000 acres) be open to the public.....
......and so now you can tour the entire plantation - complete with extensive gardens, pool, grass tennis court, cemetery, dog hospital.......

(pink and white camellias were spreading a lovely carpet of petals among the old headstones)

....and my favorite part - the stables!

These beautiful dark giants (they looked like draft horses) were napping in the paddock, and seemed indifferent to
my photography except for the occasional blinking of their huge black eyes. So regal and lovely.......
(I'm experimenting with watermarks since there is more and more 'borrowing' of photos going on......but I still find them very labor intensive)
I did very little picking on my wander - partly because I am still in a state of burnout from the shows, and partly due a lack of shops that were open, but I never miss a chance to visit my all-time favorite shop "Relic's" in downtown Thomasville! It's always fabulous!

Owner Melissa was at Scott's that weekend, but I chatted with Wilson Britt (who has the refinishing shop adjacent) and he was quite helpful in sharing information that came in useful on my trip - thanks Wilson!


A Wild Thing said...

That settles it...I'm movin''s such a crappy, cold, rainy day here in Iowa, it wouldn't take much to convince me right now!!!

My bro and I took a drive to Cedar Key shortly after hurricane Charlie went through...what a mess! My first trip to Florida with the family was in the 50's, I remember stopping 'long side the road and wading in the shoreline, what magical creatures we found...I was in paradise! I remember the keylime pie served in the shanties and the fresh squeezed orange juice popsicles the most!!!

Can I go back now??? I'm still planning my!


Bohemian said...

Oh my goodness... I shall definitely have to make my pilgrimage to the South to see for myself some of these Wonderful Images in person... Believe it or not in my many Travels throughout my Life abroad and in the U.S. I have never visited the Southern States! So a Southern Road Trip is LONG overdue! *Winks*

Happy Thanksgiving from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Anonymous said...

With all that mane,they must be Friesians.Large heavy horses that carried the Knights of old.