Sunday, October 31, 2010

Georgia Aquarium

I FINALLY got a chance to get downtown and see the Georgia Aquarium, and it was more amazing than I expected! (It was so wonderfully un-crowded that day, which made it very easy to get around and see everything)

What an incredible place to view a mermaid's underwater dream world up close and personal--right here in Atlanta!!

Right inside the doors you can pet the rays and small sharks swimming in a shallow pool, and then choose between many different habitat entrances.

This was my absolute FAVORITE fish at the aquarium.....the Leafy Sea Dragon!! You have to go just to see these incredibly unique creatures!! I couldn't take my eyes off of them!

This tank was filled with so many multi-colored fish that it was like looking through a kaleidoscope....and you felt like you were swimming in the reef with them.

I loved all the aquariums in the ceilings! You walk UNDER the fish tanks in many places--these were the freshwater habitats.

The whale sharks and the gigantic rays are mesmerizing to watch, and the theater area is the best place to see them.

I forgot to get a pic of the Garden Eels (creepy, but fascinating) and the Beluga pics didn't turn out--photography can be tricky here!


suzeeez said...

It really is amazing what lies beneath the sea. I too love that dragon fish. Thanks for the photo, I don't think I've ever seen one before !
Happy Halloween, Sue

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

I think there is a real knowing in the whale and dolphin species, a comradery of sorts, you aren't on the food chain, you are another intelligent creature to them, if only mankind was as intelligent!!! I'm with ya on the tears department, all of Nature makes me weep with joy!

Beautiful shots!


A Treasured Past said...

Hi, thanks for popping over, its always nice to hear from you :)

The kids love the Aquarium in Sydney, but this one looks even more fabulous. I love the sea horses ans dragons too, but my favourites are tiny cuttlefish, they are way too cute.

I wonder if I know your Canberra friend, that would be crazy wouldn't it??

Bye, Tamara

Lana said...

Do you know, I have never been to an aquarium? My kids have been to them on class trips but not me. I hope to visit the one in Chattanooga sometime soon. Thanks for sharing your pics. It looks so interesting! :)

Sea Witch said...

I love the GA Aquarium! Always so much fun to see. Sea Witch

Lou Cinda @ Tattered Hydrangeas said...

I Love the Aquarium! My son, who is 18 would go everyday! lol The one in Chattanooga is really good too!

Sounds like a fun day!

Lou Cinda :)