Sunday, November 7, 2010

Backroads wandering.....Lexington and Washington

The backroads were calling again on this beautiful, sunny Saturday, and I couldn't fight the urge! So after running by some estate sales and a barn sale on the way (I found some good stuff at these), I headed out to the historic town of Washington, which has lots of gorgeous old homes, as well as the old Fitzpatrick Hotel on the square (which used to be open for visiting and a wonderful meal, but has now closed--although I believe you still can stay on the weekends with advanced reservations). Sadly, there is only one shop left to pick from in town, and it mainly has garage sale stuff.

BUT-- and this is what I love about the thrill of the hunt--you never know what you will find, in even the least likely places!

This early "American Company" composition doll was sitting there among the yard sale stuff in the above shop, just waiting for me to discover her and take her home with me!! I really love the dirty little face, and wood shavings stuffed body and legs. Her head is in good condition for the age, and the arms and legs are intact as originally made, although I doubt the dress is original.

Isn't she sweet? (She should clean up nicely)

Worth the drive is the fun of seeing more wonderful old historic homes--so many of which had realtor signs in the front. Being pressed for time, I didn't get a chance to do a proper tour.
The above home, at the end of a pretty lane, is called "The Cedars" and is for sale. The economy has hit pretty hard out here, and I must remember to check out the prices--there might be a real bargain among them!

This house on the main street is also for sale!

There is so much history here, and I will definitely have to get back when I have more time!

On the way back I came through Lexington, which has an amazingly rich educational and political history....more fabulous old homes, and there is also a handful of antique shops and a nice little bakery cafe.

Lexington was once an important trade center, and was noted for the education, culture and refinement of it's citizens. It was home to Georgia's first private academy for boys, and later for girls, and was also home to some of the most notable lawyers and politicians in the state in the early 1800's.

This shop has a pecan shelling business in the back of the antique section, which is probably how they managed to stay open in this economy!

The first Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Georgia was established here, and below are the Presbyterian Manse built in 1817 (check out the boy peeking around the corner while I was shooting this pic) and the church built in 1893.

There are about 40 homes and buildings on the Lexington historic district walking tour and it's only a short drive East of Athens on 78. One of the shop owners said she is closing soon, because, as in Washington, it is just too hard for the antique shops to stay open in these out-of-the-way locations, in this economy.

A couple hundred years ago these once-vibrant towns were getting started, and I can't help but wonder what they will be like a few hundred years from now?


A Treasured Past said...

Hi, wow, what magnificent houses! Thanks for the tour. The little doll is too cute, I have been collecting composition dolls for my daughter since she was tiny, now that she is 6 she says they freak her out, I'm sure she will grow to like them again..hehe. Tamara x

gail said...

thank you for that delightful tour!
the shops all look interesting, and the houses are beautiful. so sad that everyone is struggling in these times.

" SHABBY JUNK" said...

LOVE the old doll. I have many. They are something I have a hard time passing up.

time-worn interiors said...

Those are some charming places! WOW! I would love to own one of those house's that were for sale! And the doll, what can I say! You know I love that!

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

You know I'm drooling, right...first the doll, then the mansions...oh girl, will our economy ever recover, as well as the antique trade, I think it's morphing into something better...we'll see!

House and Garden Boutique said...

You take the best all the historic homes!

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

Thanks for the tour... I often feel I was born in the wrong century and that's why I love old home and things soooo much.
Hugs, Gerri

BUSH BABE said...

Wow - that was amazing - loved checking out the buildings and the old doll (maybe just me, but old dolls freak me out slightly).

It all felt so AMERICAN to me - sometimes I see photos of America and think: that could be here, in Australia. Other times (like this) it is just distinctively American. Interesting... and lovely.

The Gilded Cherub said...

I am new to blogging and just came across your blog! How wonderful...I live in Athens Georgia and was wondering how far away are these beautiful homes from Athens? Thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures...