Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bike cam

After working 'round the clock for so many months I was SO ready to dust the cobwebs off my mountain bike and hit the trails!
We're enjoying a stellar autumn here in Georgia so far, and we have hundreds of miles of mountain biking trails in the metro ATL area.......so my riding friend Paula and I hit the dirt rollin'.......
......for some much needed exercise.
The fall scenes were gorgeous!
(These pics don't really capture it as well as I had hoped)

.....Paula usually manages a few spectacular wipe outs--but always keeps on pedaling!
(I made sure she was OK before taking her picture)
Fall and winter are my favorite times to ride since you can see prettier vistas with the leaves down........and no ticks!


A Wild Thing said...

Too funny, bike cam...I don't have a bike, but a good romp through the woods, up and down gullies looking for bones, sure makes the heart pump uber-fast...cough cough!!!


Kelly_Deal said...

Looks like an enjoyable and fun bike ride!