Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Backroads wandering......St. Joseph Peninusula State Park

These are the only mammals I encountered at this beautiful beachfront sanctuary surrounded by the Gulf to the south and St. Josephs Bay to the north. (about a 45 minute drive west of Apalachicola)
The bay side sand dunes were covered in beautiful clumps of bright yellow flowers....

.....and the estuaries were alive with water birds stalking little darting fish, easily visible in the clear water.
Gulf side the dunes were covered in sea grasses waving in the breeze......
.....and in the long stretches of beautifully rippled white sand--there were no footprints!

I have been told you have to camp here, or stay in one of the cabins hidden in the trees at the end of the narrow peninsula to enjoy the whole experience.

Next......the amazing and abundant blue springs of North Florida


Sea Witch said...

Just beautiful. I love Apalachicola. Thanks for posting just lovely photos of the dunes. Sea Witch

The Cranky Queen said...

Lovely pictures...have a safe and blessed time...Thanksgiving Blessings