Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Backroads wandering.......Apalachicola

Recurring thoughts of salt air and watery sunsets finally convinced me that I was long overdue for a little backroads wander, and before I knew it my car was crossing over this bridge to the quaint Florida town of Apalachicola........
.......and I was checking in to the historic Gibson Inn......which is situated directly at the end of the bridge and within walking distance of everything in town (and which also has a great little pub where guests and locals congregate on the weekends).
(Of late, I have found myself constantly daydreaming about frolicking in the beautiful waters of the Cayman Islands, but with 'champagne taste on a beer budget', I was grateful just to get near ANY shore!)
I haven't traveled to this area-The Forgotten Coast-before, and I found it very low-key and charming! (Oysters are a big deal here.....judging by the massive mountains of discarded shells)
There are all sorts of cool nautical scenes.......
.....and beautiful old homes.

There's just nothing like 'off-season' in Florida! You can wander around without plans, since no one is here and you don't need to worry about reservations or traffic.......and the weather is perfect!!

Next......St. Joseph Peninsula State Park....aka the most beautiful unspoiled and uninhabited beach in Florida (since the discovery and ruination of the Southwest coast, that is).

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