Thursday, February 24, 2011

More Renninger' friends

This was the view from our booth lawn chairs for three days! The cool vintage model T car was a guy magnet--I wondered why Sharon never left the booth! (JK Girlfriend!)

**There were so many people that stopped by our booth that I don't have pictures of-- but SO much enjoyed meeting, like:

Susie from the blog
From My Home To Yours ;

Carol Gammal from Tampa who is in Summerhouse;

The girls from the shop Relic on Manhatten in Tampa;

The totally sweet girl, Babs, from Michigan (Babsjustababblin)-- and some very nice people that bought my junk!
(I'm so sorry I didn't write down all the names 'cuz my memory is awful--it gets overwhelming when I travel so far to set up, sell, shop for merch, photograph, interview, and network all at the same time--with sleep deprivation too!)

I got to see Nicole and Ryan of Prism again, who are there every month;

AND I heard that bloggers Sweet Pea and Becky of One Shabby Old House were there but I missed them!

On to some of the awesome new dealer friends I got to meet that I DID manage to get pictures of!!

My favorite booth at the show belonged to Debbie Wilson-- pictured on the left with her sweet friend Lorie. I had the best time shopping in her booth, and talking to these totally nice girls! I bought two wonderful french doors, a huge chippy lantern, carved oval frame and a vine covered lampshade from them.
I can't wait 'til Debbie gets her new blog started-she is mega-talented!

I loved meeting Mariann of Bella Flamingo Designs, and her friend Debbie--they were so much fun, and I really enjoyed talking to them!! Mariann does cool jewelry design, and Debbie has very unique vintage treasures!

Pictured above is fellow blogger Debi (check out Vintage Soul on Typepad) and her friend Robin who stopped by.
Here are the French Nest girls Martha and Shelley (Marsha wasn't there) who do a fabulous booth in the building near ours. They have a shop in Orlando at 2300 Edgewater Drive, and you can find them on Facebook. (I bought the "Quartermaster" iron bed in the below pic)

We really enjoyed meeeting Jim Perkins of Duluth Fish Decoys. His father David started carving these fabulous ice-fishing lures out of various types of wood many years ago, and they can be found in high-end shops along the East Coast from Maine to Key West. Jim travels 6 weeks a year to the shops and shows selling, and has lots of different types that are all works of art!
I originally planned to go on to Webster antique market on Monday after the show (heard it was fabulous), but since I didn't have an inch of space left in the car I went to the beach instead! (I didn't have time to get home to Sarasota--but I'll probably get to go back in April)


Gracie's Cottage said...

That looks like a fun show....and warm to boot - luck YOU!


Susie~From My Home To Yours said...

I enjoyed meeting you as well. How fun that we have a common friend in Sharon! Take care and hope to see you again soon.

Shabby Vintage Junk said...

It looked like an AWESOME show for sure....I think being a vendor at these events is MUCH more fun than just being a shopper....Even though you're KNACKERED & your body aches all over the place it really is a DYNAMIC enterprise....The comaraderie between vendors....Sharing of knowledge....Finding of Treasures BEFORE the shoppers (shhhhhhh)....Meeting Blog Friends & making new Friends.....Yep....I MUCH prefer being a vendor than just a shopper....I LOVE being able to do 'it all'....!

I'm GLAD you had a FABULOUS time....!

Have a GREAT weekend when it comes your way....!

Cheers from Oz,
Tamarah :o)

PS: Your security word was 'retrow'.... :o)

Vintage Station said...

Were the prices reasonable?? ie able to resell at a decent mark up?? I've always wanted to go but the term "flea market" is being used too loosely these days if you know what I mean...It's quite a trip from the great Northwest so just kicking it around in my head whether it would be worth it...Thanks and loved your pix!!

Aunt Barb said...

I "think" I'm the sweet girl from Michigan. How I enjoyed meeting you. I love your pictures - I didn't see half of the show - there was so much. I hope I can do it next year.
Back home now (snow, ugh). I placed your business card in a flower frog next to my laptop on my desk. So cute, good memories.
Hope to meet again!

Antique Shows said...

Hi Nancy...Was so great to see you & your great booth at the show. I had a great time shopping, too! Loved Debbie Wilson & French Nest, too...just beautiful! Stopped by Sunday, but you were already gone. Look forward to seeing you again soon. (Leaving comment from Cheryl & my new blog so you can go check it out when you have time...still learning!!)

Refunked Junk said...

Hi! I am new in blogland. You are always my favorite site. You are such an inspiration. One day I will make it to Atlanta to meet you and your fabulous treasures.
afflicted junker,

One Shabby Old House said...

Hi Nancy,
Thanks for the mention of me. You and I ARE Going to meet next time!! I see that you met a couple of my friends too. Carol G is in the same shop that I am in. Summerhouse. You will have to stop in sometime on your way to Sarasota and when you do the shop Relics is just across the street. I love those girls they are so nice! I am doing a post on their shop. It is a wonderful place and then sweet Deb from Vintage Soul. She is a wonderful gal too. We are all like a great big family joined together by that crazy junkin gene that is in our blood!
Take care and I will see you soon!