Monday, March 29, 2010

Backroads Pickin'.......

With the whole world headed to Texas, I got travelin' fever and hit the trail for a little backroads pickin' in Tennessee and Alabama. Spring hasn't quite made it's full reveal yet, but it was still beautiful and I got some of the winter cobwebs blown out of my brain so maybe I can get creative for the next show!

I didn't find the "honey hole" or make any prize picks, but I found some neat stuff for the next show and got some really good leads---you never know! (You'll have to endure the travel photos first though!!)

This restored cabin was sitting along the Tennessee River.....I love to see the old structures preserved.

The river looks like a lake it's so wide....and the water is clear and blue.

Alabama sure is different.....they have the only coon dog cemetery in the world (true fact).....and what's up with this tree full of shoes on the side of the highway?

(More backroads pics to come.....)


Amanda said...

"Alabama sure is different" just made me smile! It's different, and wonderfully so! It's HOME! =)

Sea Witch said...

love backroads picking. One of my favorite things to do. When my honey and I were road tripping through the mountains of North Carolina last summer. We were meandering the back roads and came down this huge mounatin and upon arriving at the base of the mountain I squealed with delight when I saw a yard sale in front of me. Found some wonderful treasures in this out of the way location. Sea Witch

House and Garden Boutique said...

Loved the photos......especially the tree full of shoes! Not going to see that everyday!

Anonymous said...

YOu know, I just love your blog. The shoe picture is way too cool. Thanks for sharing!