Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wood and metal collage project.......

These are the before pieces.........just some odds and ends I have had for awhile---trying to figure out a new use for.

Hmmm.......a little dark.........but you get the idea.

I never know what to call the weird things I make. How about..... "wood and metal wall pedestal collage plant holder thingy"?


  1. LOL I think the name you have come up with this is as cute as it is!!! Wonderful idea!!!

  2. Clever idea and great way to repupose!!

  3. Very Cool!!!! How bout vintage plant scone. Linda

  4. Love that 'treasure' you have created, and you've given me an idea for a piece i just picked up.

    thanks =0)
    barbara jean

  5. so inspiring...
    ..and just LOVE seeing your show pictures ...ann

  6. Nancy,
    Love your creation~!
    Still awaiting a post on your dress form project ~ like you I
    never seem to find them either.
    ~one vintage hag

  7. Girl .... you rock on creativity, LOVE seeing all you come up with!! Janna

  8. I do SO enjoy your blog. Your projects are so inspiring. Thank you!

  9. Hi
    Riding our Harley, driving our Hemi Roadrunner
    These are the things we love even more mental we are typically English Wish you well I'll visit again .Coming to the Gulf Coast No vember for the Ocala car show!!!
    You've brought out my alter ego don't let my English bloggers know this about me It will be our secret!!!!
    Regards Susan

  10. Well that title describes what it is but not how elegant and pretty it is!