Sunday, January 18, 2015

Jane Taylor -- Metal Sculptor/Folk Artist

a visit to folk artist Jane Taylor's wonderland of rusty inspiration is the perfect antidote for winter doldrums

inspiration is found everywhere you look

and creativity runs totally rampant

inside are amazing lamps and light fixtures

super sick furniture

cool accessories

and amazing artwork

I'm junk-drunk within minutes as Jane lets me pick through her vast treasure trove of supplies for some cool pieces to use in my future projects. I think this is what heaven would look like for us crazy rust-lovers!


Anonymous said...

"Junk drunk", I love it! She is very talented---love those wings and the statue! What a cool place to visit. I think I would be junk drunk too!

Cheryl in Wisconsin said...

That's some gorgeous stuff.

Marlynne said...

How exciting! Just need to learn how to weld then let me loose!