Friday, December 28, 2012

Seaside serenity

mid december on the gulf coast
before snowbirds and tourists arrive from the frozen north
warm and serene

the lovely water provided a living biology lab
so much to discover
if one takes the time to really see

it was hard to go back to cold and rain
but by now sarasota will be filled with mega traffic

 and the beaches will be filled with crowds
leaving their footprints in the beautiful white sand


Susie said...

What fun to have the beach to yourself for even a little while. Hope you enjoy your fun in the sun. oxox, Susie

Sea Witch said...

Hey Sassy. Wishing you a gentle Christmas and a marvelous 2013. Up in the cold of NY visiting raviolis. Wish we all had our frozen toes in that beautiful water. Sea Witch

A Wild Thing said...

You sure know how to soon as I get my 'pull' pimped, I'm headin south...spring fer sure, I'll give ya a holler...have fun and a great New Year!!!

The Vintage Farmhouse said...

Oh how I wish I was on a beach right now!