Friday, November 23, 2012

A few projects and a big 'Thanks'

It's easy to adapt a light kit to a large mason jar lid for an instant hanging globe, but take it a step further by adding something fun to the jar for interest (heat resistant preferably--glass, metal or china) like this snow baby (I 'm still  trying to figure out the non-flammable snow for the bottom)
New jewelry hanger made of wire vines in vintage lamp base also works well as a display stand for Christmas or seasonal ornament collection
Vintage slide frames with glass covers let you easily insert photos, quotes, monograms or ?? and embellish with little bits of vintage treasure to use as necklaces or in scrapbook or collage projects
Tin flowers are still blooming around here--even in winter!
My camera is randomely malfunctioning, but this is a rough idea of how the booth looked at the show last weekend.
It was great to finally meet fellow blogger Alexa Lett, visit with Kim Hanauer from Tennessee, and meet lots of other new dealers as well as catch up with those I haven't seen in ages! (I especially enjoyed being set up right next to the pub and the talented blues guitarist who rocked our show!!)
THANK YOU so much to all who came out and stopped by the booth!!!


NanaDiana said...

What cute things. I love that little light...I suppose you have to use something for snow that won't be affected by the heat from the bulb? Maybe kosher salt?
Glad you caught up with some bloggers- xo Diana

Charm Bracelet Diva said...

I'm not sure about the snow but that snow baby light fixture is adorable and especially creative. And what a unique jewelry display piece!

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Great booth. I wish I could have come by!

A Wild Thing said...

Love it all Miss about salt for the snow...still trying to work out a trip to Florida, but I did find a chicken!!!

time worn interiors said...

I love all your designs!

Thanks for the info about google wallet thingy! I just wish I could get this figured out!


Lili said...

Hey Sassy, always bringing creative talent to the top. Now what is the price you have on that jewelry hanger. Loveit.

countrycharisma said...

Great Bench!! Sure a Chevy collector will have a fit for it! I love it!! Love your new wire tree too! Would also make a cute money tree with wrapped coins. Love your creativity. Is that snowflake type artificial snow heat resistant? Love that idea. We may be moving before Christmas, so packing up things now! Happening fast.