Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bella Rustica show pics

I'd forgotten how beautiful the Tennessee countryside was and seeing the show venue for the first time was exhilarating! Pulling into the farm entrance you encounter a long tree-lined drive leading to the farmhouse.....
....with the show area situated all around the barns.....an absolute perfect setting for a gorgeous fall weekend show!
On the front lawn lunch was served to the vendors (what a nice surprise!) with BBQ, sweet tea, and homemade pies!
Everything about this unique show was carefully planned and amazingly carried out by the dynamic duo below--- Art Woods and Linda Lindley of AGAPE (our show sponsors) and all the wonderful volunteers who made this event such a huge success!

Pictured below is the ranch owner Mr. Frank Ingram (Taproot Farm) who came around and personally thanked everyone for their contributions to this effort.

Also volunteering their time were the many local musicians who blew us away with their amazing talent--their music really gave life to the show, and it was great to be able to meet some of them....
....like Goose Gossett (goosegossett.com), Kyle Knutson (on Facebook) and Alison Joy Williams (Alisonjoywilliams.com) pictured with Brenda below.

We were directly across the aisle from the Magnolia Pearl collection and enjoyed the fashion show as everyone tried on clothes, boots and hats the whole weekend!
There were so many quality dealers with amazing offerings!

It was interesting to see how the barns and stalls were utilized....every nook and cranny held unique treasures.

And just when I thought I had seen it all....I discovered a new use for gutter screens hanging from the rafters!

Another vendor/blogger Kim from Kim's Collectables and Treasures was set up in our tent, and it was great fun getting to know her.....she makes the very cool jewelry pictured below and so much more!

Keep your eye on these two talented young artists because they are rocketing to notoriety quickly......Deann of Deann Designs (far right) with her beautiful paintings....

....and Michael West of West Vintage Trading Company

.....with his cool signs and unique antiques.

And this is how our booth turned out.....

.......it all got just a little bit lost in the white expanse of the tent, and it was tricky getting everything to stand upright (I haven't done an outdoor show for a few years so I forgot how to deal with stuff like windy conditions and uneven ground), but it finally all came together!

Sharon's amazing artwork (Hunter's Crossings) was so stunning! Her killer junk crosses were a HUGE hit.....

....as were her awesoome concrete pine cones, pumpkins and angel wings!

I didn't have the time or energy to wander the surrounding area as much as I had hoped (I needed to get home to go with my Kayla to the Children's Hospital in ATL) but I know I will return to Franklin, TN very soon!


Kim said...

Hoorah! Junque is not dead!
Better than Picker Sisters.
I'll tell you...things are pretty dead here in Indiana, unfortunately. If anybody knows differently I'd love to hear about it. I would love to get it goin' here again, soon!
Your booth is great. Loved these pics

AGAPE said...

Beth, you were definitely an asset to our show! Thanks for all the lovelies- it's fun to "relive" the week! Hope all is well- Linda

Vintage Junky said...

I didn't get a chance to stop by and say hi, but I loved your booth! Hope we get a chance to meet up next year!
xo~ Michelle

The Cranky Queen said...

Nancy...enjoyed meeting you at Bella Rustica...hope to get my pics posted early next week. Had to make a trip to La for my Dad's surgery. I had a wonderful time and purchased some neat stuff! Maybe we can visit more at the CL show in Atlanta. Blessings, Tiff

Wanda said...

Hey Nancy, loved getting to meet you @ Bella Rustica,after secretly following your blog for a while! I'm so excited you'll be at the CLF, my daughter and I are planning to go!
Also, wanted to ask your permission to use 2 photos from your post on Bella. The cows on the hillside and the lunch in front of the house AGAPE provided. I had my friend to be my photographer and her idea of lots of photos was like 10 of just our booth. Should have done it myself!
Thanks a bunch Nancy, look for you in Atlanta!
Wanda from Upcycled Interiors

Heart Vintage Design said...

Love the photos. xo