Friday, September 10, 2010

"Relic's" in Thomasville, GA

I discovered this very cool shop on the backroads while on my way home from FL (I can't stay on I-75 for very long!). This is the back entrance---I forgot to get a pic of the cool front of the building with all the stuff out on the sidewalk!

This is really my kind of stuff!! Melissa has all the very BEST architectural, industrial, salvage, and unique furniture and accessories--all awesomely
displayed in a historic old building on the main street of Thomasville--which has LOTS of shops and restaurants, and is well worth the drive over from the interstate. (I went to FSU just down the road in Tallahassee, and used to drive up here now and then, so it was a bit nostalgic for me)

She has lots of great stuff outside.....

.....and this is the entry hall inside the back door of the shop. My camera was probably on the wrong setting, so the pics aren't so great--it all looks so much better in person!

I didn't have much room left in my SUV, so I MUST bring my truck next time for the fabulous big stuff---like those killer windows!

And the killer cupboards!

Melissa had this entire porch re-assembled inside her shop--with all the original posts and corbels and molding and is just beautiful!

You really have to go around the shop many times to see it all!!

It was a nice surprise to find a shop this full of cool stuff--so many are closing, and usually you can only find it at the big shows---like the BIG one coming up shortly in TX that I probably won't make it to AGAIN---but this shop is the next best thing anyway!

You can check out the web site: for details and directions.


Tammy said...

What a great place! I'll have to plan to visit the next time I'm headed to Ga.
Have a great one! Thanks for sharing!
Tammy :-)

trash talk said...

That is some of the best lamps I've seen in one place in a long time!
I really think you need to get your sassy rear end on down here for opening weekend and the blog party. C'mon...surprise me!

That Girl Ang said...

wow that IS a very cool place. Great find!

creekside rummager said...

Great find. I wish I lived close by to it. Fun stuff.

Sweet Repose-Junk Revival said...

Next summer I simply must plan a drive down to Florida, via the back roads...pick ya up...have the coffee on, it'll be early!!! HA!

Great stuff, you don't know how much your postings brought back memories of junkin, can't wait to go to Arcadia. I'm sure it's changed alot since I was last there. Hurricane Charlie devastated it, but the mall I was in had really been supportive in pulling it all back together again...did I mention I heart Florida!!!ha...


Alice and Jay said...

Her shop has always been one of my favorites too! Next time you are passing through, stop and see us in Sasser. We have 6 different shops and everyone is usually open on Saturdays. We would love to meet you!