Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Sun Swim Snorkel"

I'm off on an adventure, and I've headed straight for the water as always! It's such a relief to have sea air in my lungs and sand between my toes again, even if the sun has been elusive.

First stop was a visit with my Mom in Sarasota, and I've headed south from there....something I never do. This will be interesting!

I love how the beach is always Sarasota the water was very wavy and had rip currents, but was still beautiful. It rained every day, which is pretty unusual.

The rain followed me down to Marco Island.....but we got in a long swim before it started the deluge.......I was hoping for some nice snorkeling weather in the Keys, but with several hurricanes passing by, it's not looking too good.

I love the beach in the rain!! (But PLEASE can it NOT rain for the catamaran trip tomorrow???)


trash talk said...

Now living the life...even with the rain!
P.S. I love the way catamaran rolls off the tongue!

Tina said...

There is something bittersweet about rain at the beach.

Sweet Repose said...

Oh girl, you torture!!!
The minute you drive over the state line you can smell the salt in the air. Mom said there's been a lot of gater casualties because of high water from all the rains. Are you going shopping in Arcadia...sigh!

I hope to drive down next year, this year is just too busy with the new playhouse...weeeeeee!!!



patricia@ReFind Home&Garden said...

Here's hoping for clear skies, and cool breezes! Hugs, P.

The Charm House said...

Have a wonderful adventure... Water draws me also! Need to visit the beach soon. Maybe put it on my list to do in September!
Have a great day!

. said...

Enjoy you visit!

creekside rummager said...

Oh the beach - love it. Have a great time.

Sea Witch said...

I'm there in spirit sassygirl. Renew yourself in those healing and inviting waters. There is nothing like the sea. On another note, loving your new booth at the Queen. It is everything and more then I expected. I'm so glad you are there as I enjoy walking through smiling at all of the wonders you have to offer. Sea Witch

Hopelessly Romantic Art Studio said...

Wish I was there, rain and all! Enjoy you beach fix.
Hugs, Gerri
p.s. Thanks for the pics it gives me a little taste of home :)