Saturday, November 28, 2009

Backroads Georgia.......

What is more fun than wandering the backroads on gorgeous fall day? Well, how about coming across an abandoned old southern mansion that you can actually go in (no front door)!!!!

With the show over, and no projects finished to post about, I take the liberty to indulge myself in sharing my photos (in the next five posts) of this great old house and surrounding area that I discovered while doing what I love the most--riding the backroads!! It was an interesting step back in time to be able to wander around this old house and imagine the stories of the people that had lived there. (It brought to mind my favorite film "Trip To Bountiful")

(Now if someone could tell me how to post lots of photos in one post---I seem to only be able to do five per post, making things a little disjointed when you have to do a bunch---I'm sure it's easy...I just haven't been able to figure it out)

I love the niches (sp?) by the front door.


Six divided by two..... said...

My dream home. I love it!! And I love your blog!!!!!!

trash talk said...

Love that old home. What stories those old floor boards could tell.
I don't know if I load photos like everyone else or just my own way. I upload 5 at a time, then I write inbetween the photos. How are you doing yours? When I say I upload 5, I hit that "add another image" and browse for 5 different photos. Does that make sense? I'm probably making it harder than it is, but it works for me and since I've pretty much been my own teacher...well you can figure the rest out! LOL

Lisa's RetroStyle said...

It just blows me away how houses like that come to be abandoned. It makes me want to become a squater. Someone needs to take care of that beauty.
And just to add to just keep going back for 5 more and then 5 more til you've posted as many as you want. You just keep going back to the little photo icon on the tool bar as many times as you need too. Hope that all make sense.

GardenGirl said...

Wow...makes me want to visit the beautiful south even more. Thanks for sharing your pictures, those are the days we need to keep the inspiration coming. Come visit my blog I shared one of those trips of discovery here in the Pacific NW! So different, but both tell a beautiful story. Thanks again!

Sweet Repose said...

WOW...I'm comin' to Georgia for a photo shoot, what great old makes me sad, but stories they could tell!

Hope y...a got your pics figgered out, took me awhile too, just happened on it by mistake...duh!

Dee said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure. Where in Georgia?
I lived there while pregnant with my first daughter and absolutely loved the adventure of driving the backroads and discovering the old south.
Please keep sharing your adventures.
I miss Georgia!

chicroses said...

Just discovered your blog..This house how wonderful. Cant believe it was open. My dream is to go down south.Love your displays for the show.I have a booth at an antique store. Isnt it the most fun? Now to see more of your blog.Sally