Sunday, August 2, 2009

Backroads wanderings......

You just never really know what you will discover, or who you might meet while wandering the backroads of the south......

After a disappointing trip to the Charlotte market (rain...traffic.....more rain...more traffic) I finally got on the backroads, and felt the stress fall away as I viewed countryside and, as always, great old houses and architecture, and polite small town people who never let you pass by without a "hello".

I am so glad that I turned onto a side street near the quaint downtown of Chester, SC, and discovered this wonderful treasure trove of antiques!

Within this 1941 building, which still has the original tile ceiling and brick walls, I met owners Rhett and Susie Kelsey, who were so kind to share the history of their family business (Hall Lumber Co-founded in 1953) and the interesting little town.

(I was very proud to discover I was the VERY FIRST customer to use the newly installed powder room--they never had one for 60 years! I was very honored---and RELIEVED, too!)

I found great bargains here, and filled my truck with this one stop! But the southern hospitality is what always lures this yankee girl back to the little towns and backroads, and I always find a new shop of treasures somewhere--sometimes in the unlikliest of places!

(Another great find, which I forgot to photograph, was "Hattie's Antiques" just south of York, SC on Chester highway. The owner also sells at the Charlotte market----- and could have been a stand-in for Clark Gable!)

(I just accidently deleted the scan of Susie and Rhett's business card, but they can be reached at 803-385-2770. She is a power seller on ebay, and they also carry outdoor furniture and hardware/building supplies)

(Hopefully I will get all my treasures unpacked and pics posted soon)


Musings of a Sea Witch said...

How True, this is a treasure trove of finds. I must add them to my list of places to travel for treasue. Sea Witch

red.neck chic said...

How fun!!! I love the back-roads and the treasures they hold!!! Can't wait to see pictures of your loot!

:-) robelyn