Thursday, April 30, 2009

Durhamtown Plantation

Oh boy---we got to go play in the dirt, and I only crashed once! This place near Greensboro, GA is like the Disney of dirt----150 miles of ATV trails; monster mountain (I did that--important tip: don't stop at the top!); drag track; jumps; mud pit; and lots more---so much fun!!!

Unloading......(love my truck--don't know how I ever lived without one)
I really need to get a "space suit" like the big boys, and then at least I'll look like a pro (maybe it will improve my riding).

My son Matt (in space suit) and his brother-in-law Blake loading up after a hard day of riding. Time to stop playing and get back to work!


countrycharisma said...

Hey Nancy. Looks like you were out in your element! What fun! And to get to do that with your son! I think it is just great. See you are a truck girl too. Been one myself for more years than I can count. FYI, I did make it to the beach!

I Need This Antiques said...

Whoo hooo. Sassytrash left a comment on my blog. I'm so pleased!!! Go ahead, say doesn't take much to make me do a happy dance! Dari -the sea witch

Graham said...

OK, maybe one day I can get there and ride too.