Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Road Trip.........Sarasota

In downtown Sarasota there are lots of interesting antique shops, but this architectural antique business is amazing--they handle huge pieces, and currently are auctioning the interior salvage of the historic Ringling Hotel that was regretably torn down many years ago--the inside was decorated elaborately with mosaic tile, stenciled wood beams, and niche fountains like the one below.


countrycharisma said...

I just realized you have an entire road trip feature. WOW! I got anxiety pangs to go! Seriously! I just love the shop photos and flea markets, but just as much, the gorgeous homes in southern Ga. Thanks for taking the time to share these pix, they are great. Needless to say, you are in your niche. Keep um coming! blessings, carrell

cconz said...

Oh my god, That salvage place looks like FUN!! I love places like that! Oh, that large clamshell.