Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Road Trip

Everyone had the idea to go to Florida at the same time it seems----I-75 was a parking lot!

Thank heaven for back roads......

You get to see these cool old houses, instead of brake lights!

And stopping to shop for cowboy boots in Ocala horse country is a must!

Finally got to Sarasota.......this sculpture (of the famous WWII photo) is huge, and stands on the road by the marina going out to the beach. Hope to visit lots of shops and find some good stuff for the next show on the way back!!! Happy New Year!!


carol gammal said...

That's funny, I was on my way to St Armand Cir today(Dec 31st) and saw a guy taking a picture of the WWII from his car. Maybe that was you. I live in St. Petersburg and work in Sarasota once a week.I'm a sales rep for Panama Jack. If you make it to St Pete while on vacation. Stop by Patty&Friends..I have a booth their. CAG

Anonymous said...

nbagHi , Love the cool old hose , love the boots and love the statue! Sue