Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I just got back and I'm so glad I got the chance to go out and visit my friend Sharon (whom I hadn't seen in years) in Folsom (outside Sacramento)--- I fell completely in love with this state! It has everything--the ocean--the mountains--the cities! I flew into San Francisco, and rented a car, then we went junkin' in the towns all around Folsom, where I got lots of inspiration in the great shops! We drove to Lake Tahoe (scary drive) then back to Folsom (I love this town--so many hobbies) explored wine country, and drove the Pacific coast, and stayed the last night back in San Francisco. I was amazed how fit everyone here is--you see runners and cyclists everywhere (bikers, kayakers and surfers, too) and organic food is easy to find. Thanks Sharon and Ken--I had a great time!!!

Now, I hope I can come up with some good stuff for the next show at Lakewood--better get busy, it's coming up fast! It's hard to get back to work--hey Sharon---wish we were at the Coffee Republic now, chillin' out!!

(and Lorena, I actually got back on the plane! Thanks for the inspiration!)

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